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Securing a Session

There is such a wonderful, vulnerable relationship between those I work with and myself. Though my work does take skill to create, and a bit of technological expertise, I have found that the most sophisticated tool I use is my heart. There are unwritten contracts of the soul, and building trust with the model is an essential part of that. The model has to feel comfortable enough with me and trust that I am there with them in an effort to see their light. It’s powerful to show people how amazing they are, and this is what I try to do. Not only this, but also that they’re okay just the way that they are. As human beings, we often spend so much time feeling that we’re inadequate. So if my work can make people feel that they belong, then I am doing my job because everyone belongs.

A standard yoga shoot on the beach near my Santa Monica studio costs $750 for 10 mastered asana images. There is a $75 fee for each additional image you would like mastered. 

For those who have already signed up for a session either locally or out in the world somewhere, please use the link on this page to pay your deposit of $250 and secure your slot. The deposit is non-refundable and the balance is due the day of the shoot. We are looking forward to creating extraordinary art with you.  

Contact us via email if you have a question or a special request. info@RobertSturmanStudio.com

Ordering a Custom Print from the Shoot

If you would like to have a custom print from the shoot, simply send an email to us with the request for the print and we will create it and ship it to you. The cost of a custom 12x18 inch print is $250.

Your $250 Deposit Will Be Applied Towards the Shoot

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