Robert is available for speaking engagements that will, without a doubt, forever change and inspire a new way of seeing the world.

About the Talk: "A Photographic Exploration of the Power of Yoga to Unite People Across Cultural and Physical Divides and the Power of Photographs to Change the World."

Join world renowned artist/photographer, Robert Sturman, as he and his camera take us on an exciting journey around the globe. This photographic exploration highlights the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides and the power of photographs to inspire positive change in our world. Sturman’s work has given him the opportunity to make art with yogis in Kenya, Mexico, Italy, Thailand, Israel, Cuba, to name but a few. From United States prisons to orphanages in Africa and the streets of Palestine, he has photographed all walks of life, embodying yoga poses with equanimity and grace. So many people, so many stories: breast cancer survivors, Maasai Warriors, Hasidic Jews, police officers, soldiers, veterans, firefighters, and inmates serving life sentences, each one a unique expression of humanity. "For me, making art is about much more than a pretty picture. My responsibility as an artist is to capture the intrinsic beauty and irreducible value of every subject, to awaken compassion and to use art to inspire humanity to move forward, reaching towards our greatest potential.”

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If interested in having Robert teach his signature workshop, "Mastering the Art of Photography — The Yoga of Seeing" — here's a little information. Discover the secrets of how to make powerful, poetic images celebrating the beautiful art of yoga. Aspiring models and yogis: Learn what it takes to get great pictures. Photography enthusiasts: Learn about composition, balance, integration of the pose with the environment, connecting with the model, and much more. Come be the photographer, model, artist, muse--or all of these. Bring your camera, phone, questions, and curiosity. First, participants will learn the formula for how to make strong, clear, powerful and poetic images using yoga as the foundation. Students will understand the healing power of photography to reflect back to our subjects that they are beautiful, worthy and significant. The camera, whether fancy or the phone, is a perfect excuse to pay attention to others and see them, and for them to feel seen. Participants will also learn and truly see how photographs have the power to evolve humanity in a more positive direction and change the world. Ultimately, they will gain the inspiration, confidence and knowledge to use their cameras from this moment forward mindfully and masterfully. After all, the camera is going to be a part of us for the rest of our lives. Might as well do great things with it! The first half of the workshop will be inside. In the second half, we'll venture outside into the natural daylight. Lecture with interactive photo shoots.


"Robert’s Mastering the Art of Yoga Photography Workshop is what the world needs more of right now. He captures beauty wherever he points his lens and creates the space for poetry to unfold. I’ve had the honor of participating in his workshops as well as having him as a guest teacher for my 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and can say without a doubt, that his work and teachings are well worth the investment. The value he adds to my teacher training program is immeasurable. He has a rare gift for making you feel held, heard, and truly seen, which opens up the space for magic and healing to happen. In a world full of darkness, Robert’s work is the LIGHT." — Liz Arch

“I’ve worked with Robert throughout several photo shoots and this class precisely captures the effort and ease with which photography should be approached. Robert shows us how to “SEE” before the camera ever becomes a part of the story. Then the story can truly be captured in its essence without any forced creation. He shares so many tips and tricks to “opening the aperture” of our vision to find the art and feel the energy in the space. It’s an exquisite experience by one of the true masters of human potential. It’s just so much more than a photography class, it’s a way of seeing life in all its complexity.” — Elizabeth Corwin

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